Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Zim using SA morgues


BEITBRIDGE – Authorities at Beitbridge Hospital on Zimbabwe’s border with South Africa have resorted to "temporarily exporting" dead bodies to Mussina town on the other side of the frontier for storage there because the hospital morgue has become too small.
Sources told ZimOnline that the mortuary at the state hospital was too small for an ever increasing number of patients dying there resulting in many corpses having to be ferried across to the South African side for storage until relatives can bury them.

You can read the post, but you need background information.

There is no money for petrol, and you can't take a corpse on a bus.

When I worked in Zim, if someone was truly dying, we told the family so they could get the person back home to die, both to save them money, and so the dying person could die with family nearby.

If someone died unexpectedly, we kept them in a shed that served as a morgue until they could be buried. It is important to be buried with family.

The second thing that this shows is that people are dying...notice the HIV rate has gone down? Is this due to prevention? Or is it because those with HIV are dying of TB, malaria, dysentary, and other diseases of malnutrition? Inquiring minds want to know.

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