Saturday, October 15, 2005

Zim: "US Envoy lucky not to be killed"


HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's government said on Friday a U.S. envoy who was briefly detained after entering a security zone near President Robert Mugabe's residence would have been "a dead man" if the incident had happened elsewhere.
Zimbabwe state television reported on Thursday night that U.S. ambassador Christopher Dell was held by the Presidential Guard on Monday after he entered a restricted zone at the National Botanic Gardens near Mugabe's official Harare residence, ignoring "no entry" signs, on what the government says was a "mission to provoke an unwarranted diplomatic incident".

Umm....bobby, you could get away with that with Jimmy Carter, but even Bush's father wouldn't put up with that kind of diplomatic threat...
Remember Manuel Noreiga? The cell next to him is still empty....

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