Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Zim may be starving, but some think we will live forever...


This has nothing to do with Zimbabwe, but the trumpeters of progress are assuring us that technology will bring us heaven and eternal life...

As a student in history, it reminds me of the Titanic, the ship that even God couldn't sink...or the ideas of the turn of the century prophets who in the early 1900's were trumpeting utopia..

"... In "The Singularity Is Near," the inventor and prognosticator Ray Kurzweil postulates that we are fast approaching a time when humankind melds with technology to produce mind-boggling advances in intelligence. We will be able to play quidditch as Harry Potter does. We will control the aging process. We will be smarter by a factor of trillions. We will be so smart that we understand what Ray Kurzweil is talking about...."

Well, the Titanic sunk, and the glorious utopias of the socialist and eugenicists of the early 1900's turned into the death camps of Stalin and the Holocaust...

One hopes that the utopias of Kurzweil will have better luck

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