Monday, October 17, 2005

Mugabe to address FAO conference in Rome (UN FOOD SUMMIT)


At the Harare conference, President Mugabe said food donations from developed countries and the influx of new foods from new technologies expose Africa to unsafe food while at the same time crippling commitment to developing agriculture on the continent.

Translation: No genetically modified food allowed, even if the Americans eat it without problem...and even if it would stop starvation...political correct ideology is more important than people...

He said everybody needs food and that it was incumbent upon thepeople to produce it and have the necessary resources such as landand inputs...

Translation: Take land away from competent farmers and give it to those who use primitive methods of slash and burn and hand hoes... or better yet, give the land to your cronies....

The FAO/WHO regional meeting recommended a Strategic Plan for Food Safety in Africa for adoption by the United Nations food and health safety agencies and the African Union.

When he addressed the World Food Summit in 2002, President Mugabe said the Zimbabwean government had responded to the people's cry for land to fight poverty and increase food security throughthe fast-track land acquisition program. ....

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