Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mugabe to attend Food Summit in Rome


Cde Mugabe is expected to join other world leaders in deliberating on the food situation in the world, particularly with reference to Southern Africa where millions of people are in need of food aid as a result of successive droughts.

The Rome meeting comes 10 days after a joint FAO/World Health Organisation (WHO) regional conference on food safety for Africa held in Harare.

At the Harare conference, President Mugabe said food donations from developed countries and the influx of new foods from new technologies expose Africa to unsafe food while at the same time crippling commitment to developing agriculture on the continent.

He said everybody needs food and that it was incumbent upon the people to produce it and have the necessary resources such as land and inputs.

All the food should be safe for human consumption, the President said, and where the food is imported, the receiving governments have to ensure its safety.

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