Friday, August 19, 2005

Zim to speed up land seizures..and give the confiscated land to football players

Zimbabwe's government has tabled a constitutional amendment bill to speed up the acquisition of white-owned land.

The proposals would nationalise all land and stop appeals to the courts.

Some 4,000 white farmers have been evicted from their land since 2000, but the government says legal battles are slowing up the transfer of ownership.

President Robert Mugabe's party gained the two-thirds parliamentary majority needed for constitutional change in March's disputed elections.

Passport confiscation

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, who introduced the bill to parliament, told the AFP news agency that the legislation would "conclude the land question"...

Being the Beeb, the photo shows a poor black farmer hoeing his land by hand...hello fellas: Rototillers and hand plows have revolutionized small farm outputs, along with fertilizer and drought resistant crops...have mugabe ask his Chinese friends about it...

But of course, the land is not being given to the people who have traditionally lived on and worked on the land. It is being given to Mugabe's cronies...and football players.


who are also being granted residential stands...


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