Saturday, August 13, 2005

ANC leaders have Faith in Mugabe


Hmmm...GK Chesterton once defined the word faith as believing in something you cannot see or detect by rational means...that sounds right to me...

....No amount of human rights abuses, autocratic behaviour or economic destruction seemed able to shake the faith of ANC leaders in Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, says Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon.

"Indeed, Mugabe's 'cocking a snook' or giving a 'two's-up' to whitey and the West seems to appeal to a sizeable constituency in the ANC," he said in his weekly newsletter, published on the DA's SA Today website on Friday.

It had taken the apartheid government 16 years to forcibly remove about 60 000 people from District Six in Cape Town.

"In contrast, it took Mugabe only a few weeks to forcibly remove about 10 times as many people - about 700 000, according to the report of UN envoy Anna Tibaijuka - from the cities of Zimbabwe in Operation Murambatsvina ("Drive Out the Trash").

"Somehow, the ANC has failed to see that what was wrong in the 1960s and 1970s, remains wrong today," he said......

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