Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chinese snub


On the other hand, as I have noted earlier, China's interest in Zim has more to do with their long history of trade rather than ideology...so this article says they don't trust him either, although they will probably veto UN threats...

According to the Herald, agreements were signed during Mugabe’s China trip for a $6m grant to import grain and finance projects. China also agreed to give Zimbabwe 100 computers.

Mugabe met Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing last week, but a source said China had decided to give him temporary political protection, but no economic aid of substance.

“The Chinese have done their assessment and it’s ‘Mugabe, you are not worth investing in’,” the source said.

Even with the devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar’s official exchange rate, the ability of exporters to retain foreign exchange and the move toward high interest, the Chinese did not show long-term confidence.

I apologize for posting mainly about China, but since the homeless have moved to rural areas to starve and die of disease quietly, the "human rights" news has prettywell dried up on Google...

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