Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"peacekeeper" training to continue for Zimbabwe soldiers

JOHANNESBURG, 8 August (IRIN) - The reopening of a regional training centre in Zimbabwe means Southern African countries will soon be able to contribute troops to United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions. Zimbabwe officially handed over the administration of the centre to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) at the weekend, placing it under the Directorate of Politics, Defence and Security. The centre closed in early 2001 when the European Union withdrew its support in protest against ongoing political upheavals in Zimbabwe, the host country....

Until its closure, military officers from various SADC states had attended peacekeeping and 'stabilisation' courses in preparation for UN missions. The reopening of the centre comes in the wake of announcements that a regional standby intervention force would be available by the end of August. Armies from the region met in northern Botswana last month for a two-week exercise to test their readiness for rapid response situations.


Again, what's that old saying about worrying about the mote in your brother's eye?

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