Saturday, August 13, 2005

Good news: Zim left the food come in


The shipment from SA churches has finally been allowed to enter into Zim...

Two trucks loaded each with 32 tons of food, blankets and other basic items is soon to depart for Zimbabwe to help the thousands made homeless by the Government’s slum demolition programme, a spokesman for the South African Council of Churches (SACC) has said.

The delivery of the convoys, from Johannesburg in South Africa to Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, have faced numerous setbacks after the Zimbabwean Government insisted that all food be certified by both the suppliers and South Africa’s Ministry of Agriculture as being GM-free.

Rev Ron Steele said on behalf of the SACC: “We have finally got the necessary documents saying that the maize in the truck has not been genetically modified – so we hope to get the necessary clearance certificate from the Zimbabwean authorities.”

The deliveries will be received in Zimbabwe by Christian Care, an NGO, which is also responsible for the food distribution for the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. Rev Steele said the food aid was destined for the transit camps outside Harare.....

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