Friday, November 14, 2008

Zim talks must succeed despite Mbeki

from the Times (southAfrica) allow these talks to sink will be a terrible mistake by the SADC because this appears to be the only solution to the Zimbabwe problem, considering that other logical means, such as widening sanctions and new elections, will clearly never work.

For as long as Mugabe controls the police and the war veterans remain immune to prosecution, a free and fair election will never be possible in Zimbabwe.

Those who call for another election either underestimate the war vets’ threat, or [believe in] the myth that international observers will ensure a peaceful election....

The mediator we have for the talks has a questionable record. At a time when the world was appalled by the gross human rights abuses by Mugabe, [former president Thabo] Mbeki casually commented that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe. Now Mbeki will pat Mugabe on the back while arm twisting Tsvangirai to accept whatever share of power he is offered.

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