Thursday, November 27, 2008

Botswana suggests sanctions

from SWRadioAfrica

One of Robert Mugabe’s fiercest critics, the Botswana Foreign Minister, on Wednesday launched a stinging attack on the ZANU PF leader, suggesting that the Southern African region should close its borders in an attempt to bring him down.
.... Skelemani said leaders should tell him to his face ‘look, now you are on your own, we are switching off, we are closing your borders.' He added that if no petrol went into Zimbabwe for a week, Mugabe would be gone.

Leaders from Botswana and Zambia have been lonely voices in the region against Mugabe’s regime and Botswana's President Ian Khama, has emerged as one of Mugabe's harshest critics in Africa. The regime has hit back at Botswana, accusing Khama of interference and of training MDC insurgents to destabilise Zimbabwe. A claim strongly denied by Botswana.

Skelemani also said his country would be willing to shelter Tsvangirai, if he ever asked for protection.

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