Sunday, November 16, 2008

Opposition says Mugabe can't form government alone

AP via the IntHTrib


Thokozani Khupe, vice president of the Movement for Democratic Change, told reporters that if Mugabe unilaterally formed a new government, the opposition would not be part of it.

The opposition would "peacefully, constitutionally and democratically mobilize and campaign against the illegitimate government," the party said in a statement.

Southern African leaders had called on Zimbabwe's politicians to form a unity government quickly and suggested that the opposition share control of the police ministry with Mugabe's party, a recommendation the opposition rejects....

However, some observers fear that Zimbabwe's leader of 28 years will not make any real concessions to the opposition as it has been nearly two months now since the power-sharing agreement was signed. Last month Mugabe claimed control of the police ministry when he unilaterally published a Cabinet list.

Neighboring Botswana also rejected the ministry sharing proposal. Botswana's Foreign Affairs Minister Phandu Skelemani, told his parliament Thursday that such an arrangement was "unrealistic, impractical and unworkable."

Botswana has been one of the few countries that have criticized African leaders for not putting enough pressure on Mugabe to share power with the opposition....

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