Friday, November 21, 2008

South Africa blocks Zim aid

from ABC (Australia)

South Africa says it will withhold desperately needed aid until Zimbabwe enacts a power-sharing agreement.

This is the first sign from South Africa that it is prepared to get tough with its neighbour.

The South African Government says it is extremely concerned about Zimbabwe's failure to implement a power sharing deal that was agreed to more than two months ago.

It has criticised Zimbabwe's political leaders for putting their interests ahead of the lives of ordinary people.

South Africa will withhold more than $30 million in agricultural assistance until a unity government is formed.


translation: They will punish the people for the tyrant's sins....

Ah, peaceful solutions....which end up killing more people than a quick coup using SAfrican soldiers...

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cctvchiduku said...

i wish zapu all the succsess in their plans ,lets show mugabe we can do better .put the past behind and rebuild zimbabwe .remember you have to stand for all zimbabweans no matter what race or colour.USA have shown us lets do the same.


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