Monday, August 11, 2008

Zimbabwe fades away

From StrategyPage:

August 8., 2008: President Robert Mugabe succeeded in driving his main political opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, from the presidential election, with Tsnvagirai quitting just before the June 27 run-off date. Now Mugabe is once again in control. He is nominally president, but the trail of electoral thuggery and murder has left Mugabe with no political cover.

This is an affliction of many post-colonial nations. How do the old revolutionaries and their cadres go? Must the nations wait for them to die? Must they launch bloody rebellions? With the democratic path thwarted, Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change decided the price in innocent blood would be too steep.....

The title refers to an old song; Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away...and in this case the pun is that it is the country, not the old soldier, that is fading away...

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