Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mugabe taunted in Parliament

from the BBC

.....But what must have staggered Mr Mugabe was that the MDC MPs remained seated....

Half way through his speech, in which he praised South African President Thabo Mbeki for facilitating dialogue with the MDC and attacked rampant inflation, murmurs of discontent began to surface.

These jeers grew louder, leaving Zanu-PF MPs stunned.

"You killed people, we know that," a yell came from the MDC backbench.

'You are murderers'

In a crowd of more 200 legislators, it was hard to pinpoint the culprit.

"Yes, you are murderers," another echoed, in Shona.

Mr Mugabe then touched on the subject of sanctions.

"Surely sanctions cannot be good for any Zimbabwean and we have abundant evidence of their ravaging impact. We cannot condone such blatant spiteful injury," he said.

But the MDC struck again.

MPs arrive for the opening of parliament in Harare, 26 August 2008
MDC supporters were in combative form throughout the proceedings

"Zanu-PF is rotting," the legislators chanted for a good three minutes....

"We are together in the struggle, no amount of beatings and killings will deter us," they sang.

At some point Mr Mugabe raised his head, face shaken, and then proceeded with his speech.....

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