Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More information on Professor Mutambara

SWRadioAfrica via All Africa:

The credibility of Arthur Mutambara's role in the power-sharing talks is being questioned, as the leader of the second MDC faction taking part in the talks appears to be aligning himself closely with Robert Mugabe.

The latest sign of Mutambara's suspected cross-allegiance came after he launched a scathing attack on the West in his Heroes Day message on Monday. The message, titled "Exalting the Heroic Revolution" spends pages criticising the West in a truly Mugabe-like style. In the message, Mutambara first recognises the significant role the West will play in Zimbabwe's future by saying: "We appreciate the moral, diplomatic and material support our democratic forces and organizations have received from Western institutions and governments."


But the message then continues with Mutambara saying, "we take exception to the irritating ignorance, political insensitivity, double standards, and patronizing arrogance that characterize Western diplomacy". Mutambara's message also takes aim at the Western criticism of the ongoing politically motivated violence in the country, labeling it "moralising nonsense". He also lashed out at Western governments, saying they have "undermined our legitimacy, strengthened our opponents, removed our moral authority, and ruined our effectiveness and standing among Africans".

Summary: He is kissing the A@@@ of Mugabe to get power...he plans to take his faction of the MDC and join it with in the future, he might be able to take over.

One is reminded of the Chinese proverb that the trouble with riding a tiger is not getting on but getting off...

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Alfred Thamsanqa said...

l totally disagree with your views that Mutambara is a sellout.

Firstly AM is right that the west is interfering in zw, who can deny that.its obvious they will not allow zims to talk without their involvement.For yo sake, l ve neva voted for ZANUpf, but 4 Tsvangirai & recently 4 AM.

The west must offer their money & conditions only & watch the proceedings.

Also the west made some suicide moves.During the 2008 elections, MT was given a lot of money, none of which was divided for AM dispite that they were also MDC who only differed in small issues.What did u expect AM to do, but blast the west for their doubl standards. Look like it or not Mutambara has 10 seats, he must be reckoned with in any talks not Makoni who was just a proxy for Mutambara albeit without realising.

Zanu pf is playing tricks thru their media & you are buying it, Bob never signed a thing with AM,yet u've gone all the way to demonise him & glorify MT. I blame MT for not accommodating AM when he should have long back, he had a chance to unite with him kudala but refused thru his arrogance of wanting to go it alone, or was it the West's influence, we can only speculate.

l dont believe Tsvangson is a puppet but he surely takes more than advise from the west & that isnt good for him.GIV CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE, AM has remianed steadfast on what he stands for, namely freedom from Mugabe's systems but without the Western influence overbearing. The west has a part to play but let it be from the terraces not sidelines.

AM is not a sellout & stop labbeling anything not with Tsvangirai a sellout. Admit it if MDC had been lead by a much stronger leader than MT (not AM), we would miles ahead without Mugabe in sight.MT has made key errors without anyone stopping to reflect because he was our only hope.

Lastly, Lets remove prejudice against any tribe & suspicions.AM needs to be accomodated even with his "errors" of judgement sometimes because he cannot be wished away.MT can only do so at his own peril, despite all the reservations his supporters may have, theres no choice. MT tried to ignore AM with disastrous results & lost the chance to be President once off on 29 march. Hes trying to repeat it again.
He can ill-afford to do so again, he must just unite/alliance with AM at all costs then deal with other issues internally than risk facing Bob naked.

WIth a simple issue like that, l wonder what MT loses in just giving AM some positions in his system (which would inevitably balance up MT's young blood with Mutambara's wisdom men.)

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