Friday, June 13, 2008

US asks UN Security council to act on Zim

from Reuters

HARARE, June 13 (Reuters) - The United States called for urgent U.N. Security Council talks on Zimbabwe because it said President Robert Mugabe had ignored international calls to end political violence ahead of a presidential election run-off.

Zimbabwean police arrested opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai twice on Thursday, making a total of four times in about a week. Tsvangirai's spokesman said the arrests were part of a harassment campaign in the run-up to the June 27 election.

Tendai Biti, secretary general of Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was also arrested and would face a treason charge that could carry the death penalty, police said.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino, accompanying President George W. Bush on a visit to Rome, criticised the "continued use of state-sponsored violence in Zimbabwe and the regime's actions, including unwarranted arrests of opposition figures".

"We believe the time has come for the United Nations Security Council to take up immediately the issue to prevent further deterioration of the region's humanitarian and security situation," Perino told reporters on Thursday.

A group of prominent African leaders joined the international chorus for an end to political violence in Zimbabwe, once a regional bread basket but now in economic meltdown.

The left hates the US and especially Bush for removing a murderous dictator in Iraq; as a result, they have spent the last seven years demonizing both, making it impossible for the US or the UK to intervene elsewhere.

And don't tell me "Bush Lied"....until you can tell me where all the nerve gas that Human rights watch and other human rights sites said wasn't destroyed.

But because the elites don't want a strong US, they have eliminated the ability of democracies to intervene against nations that kill their own people, from Zimbabwe to Burma (where US ships with relief supplies and helicopters to land them remained offshore sitting while people died).

And the result is that everything will be left to South Africa, where Mbeki ignores the murders, or to the UN, who is essentially a "paper tiger", won't do a damn thing.

But of course, the left will simply find a way to blame Bush for this too...

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