Thursday, June 12, 2008

Abductions in Gutu

from an email

A group of ZANU PF youths, militia and war vets went on a rampage in Gutu South yesterday in the Makore Village near Gutu Turn-off along the Mutare Road yesterday – 8 June 2008 around 1000hrs in the morning.

The Zanu PF thugs abducted villagers and took away men notably the following:

1) John Murena – a well known businessman

2) Machingambi –

3) Cletos Mundanga – A Villager

4) Llyod Mundanga – MDC Activist

As of today 9 June 2008 – they had not returned home. This place is not far away from Nelson Chamisa’s home where ZANU PF thugs went on a rampage a week ago beating villagers including an 84 year old.

The above might go un-recorded since this is in the remote rural areas.

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