Monday, June 09, 2008

Grace shops while Zim burns

Robert Mugabe is now 88. He continues to spout nonsense and everyone was surprised when he went to the Rome conference on Food last week.

His wife, however, is only 44. If Robert goes, so might his money. So while Mugabe was busy spouting conspiracy theories on the world stage, his wife Grace, copying our own Imelda Marcos, went on a shopping spree. I guess she just had to have a couple more pairs of expensive shoes.

Photo by AP.

Hmm...she needs to learn some makeup tips from Imelda, an ex beauty queen, but never mind.

Since the long delayed vote count that managed to find a recount was needed, we see the repeat of the "food for votes" and generalized intimidation of rural voters similar to earlier elections. But this time, the level of intimdation is worse than before.

Human Rights Watch has issued a report "Bullets for Each of you" reporting the high level of voter intimidation by threats, attacks and even murder. Much of the violence is in Central Zimbabwe, in areas that previously had been strongholds for Mugabe's ZANU PF party, but whose votes had switched in the last election......

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