Friday, June 20, 2008

Activist's bodies found

from the BBC:

The bodies of four opposition activists have been found near the Zimbabwe capital, after being abducted, the Movement for Democratic Change says....

The body of Harare's recently elected opposition mayor's wife has also reportedly been found, badly burnt...

SADC observers had witnessed people being shot dead and were now questioning the value of their presence in Zimbabwe, Mr Membe told the BBC.

His comments are the latest in a growing chorus of opinion from across Africa that the elections now appear to be fatally flawed, says the BBC's Peter Greste in Johannesburg.

A senior Western diplomat in the region has said: "The atmosphere remains violent and tense. It [the violence] is not abating and is spreading to areas to where it has not spread before, including the high density urban suburbs of Harare.

"It is time to move on from calling it a campaign of violence. This is now terror, plain and simple."...

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