Monday, June 07, 2010

ZanuPF killers haunted

from Nehandaradio

....Hon Naison Nemadziva said he has received reports on avenging spirits that have been terrorizing Zanu PF members who were responsible for their deaths. “The stories might sound unreal but it is true. Most of these perpetrators have fled from their homes. I can confirm three reports on avenging spirits in Buhera South, that of Chokuse, Chibamba and Chokuda who have been haunting Ngozi haunts Zanu PF killers those responsible for their deaths asking them why they killed them” said Hon Nemadziva....

Speaking to The Changing Times, MDC secretary for cultural and traditional Affairs Professor Gordon Chavhunduka, said that it is possible that if you kill someone the spirit of that dead person will come back and haunt you.

“Most people suffered from being haunted by avenging spirits of the people they had killed. It can only be corrected if the person who committed the crime comes out in the open and confesses to the relatives of the dead person” he said.

He added that it is up to the relatives to have a small ceremony conducted by a spirit medium to pacify the avenging spirit and that the person who committed the crime pays a fine. Changing Times Newsletter

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