Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hope for Zimbabwe

from the African executive, an editorial by the MDC: an excerpt

...Ours is a party borne from the collective wish of the people of Zimbabwe to usher in a new culture of peace and democracy so that we create the necessary political environment for national development. Achieving true peace and development is the only path to achieving and fulfilling the dreams of the founding fathers and the founding mothers of this great continent.

One of the basic tenets of our African culture is our celebration of diversity. From Rabat to the Cape of Good Hope, from Libreville to Mombasa, this great continent is a pot-potpourri of diverse cultures and religions. As Africans, we are united in our diversity; and there is no reason why we should be killing each other or burning each others’ houses simply because we belong to different political parties. The chaos in Sudan’s Darfur is a serious blot on the image of our great continent. Civilization started in Africa. There is no better way to celebrate this great day than to debunk stereotypes and myths about Africans and African leadership.

The MDC salutes the great people of Africa, particularly the African Union and SADC, who in the true African spirit, pledged to be the guarantors of Zimbabwe’s transitional government as we seek to find each other and create a new Zimbabwe; a new nation where the fires of justice, freedom and hope continue to light the path of our collective journey to achieve real change.

Zimbabweans share the collective hope that the people of Africa will continue to support our delicate transitional process....

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