Wednesday, June 02, 2010

South Africa's World cup

Strategy Page notes:

June 1, 2010: With nearly 400,000 football (soccer) fans headed for South Africa, to see the World Cup games live, some are concerned about the high murder rate there (about 38 per 100,000 people a year). Half those killings are with edged weapons (knives, axes, swords, machetes). In response to this perceived need, a British firm is advertising $70 "stab-proof vest". The "Protektorvest" is available with football themes printed on it. South Africa was not happy with this, and pointed out that the murder rate for tourists was much lower than the one for the population as a while, and that it was highly likely that no tourists at all would be killed during the games.

But South Africa, and African in general, is a dangerous place. So is Latin America and parts of Asia....

The rest of the article is about crime/murder in various areas on the world....and it does note that South Africa, unlike many other states, keeps statistics, so it's rate may only "appear" to be high...

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