Sunday, March 14, 2010

Politically motivated violence hits Mudzi

from SWRadioAfrica:

....A statement from the MDC’s welfare department said: “Phone call received at 5 am today from a very distraught MDC district official from Mudzi North, Chimkoko village, to report that Zanu PF thugs were raiding the homes of MDC supporters and taking their livestock - goats, cattle and chickens and threatening to come back and ‘fight you, because you want to support the new Constitution’.”

“If the MDC people attempt to protect themselves or their property by fighting back, then conveniently the forces will be sent in to arrest the "perpetrators", who will without doubt be the MDC. This has been the states modus operandi since the first land invasions on commercial farms in 2000. Every report made to Police either resulted in the complainant becoming the accused, or the response was ‘we cannot get involved, it is political’.”...

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