Sunday, March 14, 2010

IMF tells Zambia: Embrace China

the Times of Zambia via AllAfrica:

IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said during the 'Africa Economic Transformation' discussion with civil society organisations, students and the youth that Zambia and the rest of Africa should accept investment and assistance from China, currently regarded as one of the biggest economies.

"Loans by international institutions and even the IMF to other countries are welcome. One big country, China is willing to provide resources to Africa. Do you think this investment from China is welcome? In my opinion I think that this investment from China is welcome" Mr Strauss -Kahn said.


yes, but remember:
China will bribe your politicians (in the Philippines, a broadband contract from China was dropped after a whistle blower became upset that the kickback amount was 40 percent instead of the usual 20 percent).

China will buy your assets. Here, there is a suspicion that they bought (bribed) the government to allow them to take over the Spratlys islands, where our fishermen fish, and which is rich in natural gas...

And remember, Chinese are racists...there is a low grade animosity between those of Chinese heritage and full blood Filipinos...they tend to look on other Asian, including their own minority groups and SEAsians as less civilized, whites as inferior, and blacks as subhuman....unlike here in the Philippines, one doubts they will intermarry (under Filipino law, foreigners can't own land or businesses, so the Chinese married Filipino women and put all the businesses in their wives' names).

Finally, remember that China will use your country to dump it's cheap goods on you...destroying your own indigenous in the Philippines, many of our clothing/shoe and even agricultural small businesses are going under because it is cheaper to import from China, whose wages are lower than here and whose currency is artificially kept low to enable them to under price other countries.

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