Monday, March 29, 2010

2 more MDC arrests

from SWRadioAfrica:

The human rights group Restoration for Human Rights (ROHR) has criticized Bindura police for going on a witch-hunt for MDC supporters.

The pressure group said two MDC members were arrested on Thursday, in separate incidents, on allegations of undermining the office of the President under section 186 of the codification act.
ROHR Information Officer, Ronald Mureverwi, said Makesure Mafukidze, an MDC Councillor for ward 3, was picked up in Bindura town in the morning and is currently locked up at Bindura central police station. The Councillor is accused of making utterances during a political rally earlier this year. It is not known what exactly he said.

Seymour Mhene was arrested on the same day, for allegedly criticising the police and accusing them of bias against members of the former opposition.

ROHR said Mhene passed a comment during a recent New Zimbabwe lecture series, organized by the Research Foundation of Zimbabwe, condemning the police for being partisan and wilfully arresting members of the MDC on falsified charges....

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