Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mugabe's workers storm Nestle

from SWRadioAfrica:

...In October this year pressure from human rights groups forced Nestle to stop accepting milk from Grace’s farm.,,,

But loyalists from Mugabe’s camp have continued their attempts to intimidate Nestle into accepting the milk. In October a group of ZANU PF youths tried to force the company to buy about 20 000 litres of milk from the farm....
Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono also entered the fray and responded by freezing the bank accounts of Nestle Zimbabwe, a week after the dairy firm stopped buying milk from Grace Mugabe...

On Thursday this week 6 employees from Grace’s farm, driving a white ERF truck, parked outside Nestlé’s headquarters along Park Lane and demanded to see ‘whoever is in charge so that they can deliver milk,’ it was reported... Meanwhile two South African managers working for a company that sold dairy equipment to Grace Mugabe, have been forced to leave the company.

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