Monday, December 14, 2009

Mugabe threatens to end coalition early

from the UKTelegraph

..."The inclusive government has a short life of 24 months," he said. "So we must be ready for the elections. We must win resoundingly and regain the constituents we lost [last year]."...

Mr Mugabe was forced to go into a coalition with the MDC last year after a poor election showing. But Zanu-PF retains control of the military, police, central bank and other organs of state, and the party clearly intends to do everything it can to stay in authority despite its plummeting public support.

Ratcheting up the pressure on the coalition, the party resolved at the weekend not to allow any discussion on replacing the reserve bank governor and attorney general, key issues for the MDC, which boycotted cabinet for three weeks last month.

everything to stay in power...and they control the police, the military, and the youth militia to make sure they stay in power.

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