Saturday, August 08, 2009

Green Revolution

One of the major causes of poverty in Africa is the failure to take advantage of the Green Revolution in crops.

here are some podcast and video links by Norman Borlaug

In this video podcast, Dr. Norman Borlaug remembers the events that led him from a farm in Iowa to the Nobel Peace Prize for the Green Revolution. Norman says serendipity played a large part in the process. The Green Revolution began in Mexico where Dr. Norman Borlaug developed the first high-yielding, dwarf wheat varieties. In this video podcast, Borlaug recalls the major events that helped save millions from starvation.

From Mexico, Dr. Normal Borlaug began working in India and Pakistan where millions faced hunger. In this video podcast, Borlaug talks about overcoming technological, psychological, economic and political hurdles to get new varieties and agricultural practices adopted.

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