Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doctor's strike is over

from the AP

who won't allow you to post their stuff...


ZIMBABWEAN doctors who have been on strike for close to a month have called off their strike, giving the government a one-month ultimatum to increase their salaries.

The doctors at the four largest hospitals in the country have been pressing for increments of their salaries and allowances from the current US $390 to a minimum of US $1,000.

Hospital Doctors Association president Dr Brighton Chizhanje, in a notice to the striking doctors dated August 26, stated that the strike action had been called off and all doctors were expected to return to work by September 1.

"After some deep rooted and soul-searching considerations for our patients whom we consider to have the right to health as enshrined in our oaths as patriotic health professionals, we have decided to call off the industrial action," Chizhanje stated. "We are giving government and our central hospitals an ultimatum of a month to take the necessary steps to leave the health worker with well-deserved package."...

and some of the docs were fired

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