Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MDC boycott cabinet meeting

from the Zimbabwe Mail

...But Khupe said Mugabe continued to violate the political agreement, including failing to swear-in senior MDC official Roy Bennett as deputy agriculture minister, while the national security council had never met because "a few elite securocrats do not recognise the authority of the new order".

She said ZANU-PF was frustrating media reforms while MDC legislators and civil society members continued to be victimised and arrested.

The MDC has already asked the regional Southern African Development Community to mediate in a dispute over the appointment of the central bank governor and attorney general.

"For a long time we have remained the polite and subservient upholders of the GPA (global political agreement)," said Khupe.

"Whilst we remain fundamentally committed to the GPA in the interests of our people, it is our constitutional right to consider disengagement," she said, without elaborating.

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