Friday, June 19, 2009

Are Angry ancestors behind those car accidents?

The LATimes has an article about car accidents and the idea that the angry ancestors might be behind them...

Much of the article is good, but even I got confused about the part of "traditional leaders" and failure to do rituals...but the ending is about right.

"There are people who think there's spirits. There are no bad spirits. It's just the potholes in the road," he says.

He carries no talisman to ward off evil forces. But he does have one bit of insurance.

"I've been driving this road for years. I know each and every pothole and every uncertainty of the road," he says.

Chisvu, the chief metekedza, sees another solution. He believes just a little more humanity will make things right.

"We have become so politicized that we have turned on each other," he says. "There's no love."

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