Sunday, October 26, 2008

No money for congressmen

from SWRadioAFrica

Parliament has been forced to adjourn until 11th November because of lack of funds from government, amid reports that MPs based outside Harare were this week being turned away from hotels.

The delay in forming an inclusive government means one of the top institutions in the country is now ‘broke’ and cannot sustain it’s operations.

MDC MP for Mbare Piniel Denga told Newsreel that most of their legislators from outside the capital ended up paying for their own accomodation after most hotels refused to take them in.

‘We have designated hotels used by parliamentarians but they are now owed a lot of money by parliament and were refusing to accommodate them,’ Denga said....

Mugabe’s deliberate delaying tactics in the power sharing talks have created this very convenient situation for Zanu PF who, for the first time, no longer have a majority in parliament. ...

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