Sunday, October 12, 2008

LATimes articles on Zim, SA

Sides in Zim see Mbeki help

why not? He did such a great job in the past

Zuma still a mystery

They are afraid of him...which means either he is scary and will become a genocidal dictator like Mugabe, or maybe it's just racism...

Key Cabinet posts go to Mugabe's party

No, the posts don't "go to" his party, he stole them clear and easy, because nobody cares if he breaks the agreement, and Mbeki will stop UK intervention.

Global turmoil threaten SA attempt to make a black middle class.

No, they've had years to do so. a couple months of financial tumoil isn't the problem...the cure is education in capitalism, and to copy the Asian tiger nations. But Mbeki's and the ANC are socialist, and Zuma worrys the elite, and scared rich bigshots don't invest in countries that might just up and "nationalize" aka steal their huge investments....

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Ken said...

The LA Times is basically the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party in Southern California. It is in a state of near collapse due to loss of circulation and advertising. Accuracy is not it's long suit. And it loves third world thugs so long as they are anti American. It will do it's best to support Mugabe because the idea that an African dictator might be bad for his country would fail to penetrate the unthinking bias and group-think at the paper.

Tea leaves, crystal balls and tarot cards have produced better results than the Times.

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