Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunger stalks as leaders bicker

From Zim on line

....Many young Zimbabweans have responded to their country’s crisis by fleeing abroad where conditions of living are better. The exiles have become a vital lifeline for family and relatives back home by regularly sending food packs and cash to those left behind.

But very few families here at Dongamuzi have had the luck to have a child living and working abroad.

With no food in the shops and nothing coming from the government’s bankrupt Grain Marketing Board (GMB) or from international relief agencies – as yet – the majority of villagers are simply surviving on wild fruits and whatever little else they can lay their hands on....

But I would say when one side is playing games with powersharing, and refusing to share power, the word "bickering" doesn't apply....stonewalling by Mugabe would be a better description...

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