Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zim mining and banking companies on US sanctions list

from SWRadioAfrica

....The US targeted sanctions freezes the assets of the named individuals and entities, and US nationals are prohibited from conducting financial and foreign transactions with them.

However the South African government condemned the measures describing them as “interference” in Zimbabwe’s affairs. Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad told a news conference that it was difficult to understand the objectives of the new sanctions at a time when the political parties are negotiating a way forward. South Africam, which is facilitating the talks between ZANU PF and the two MDC formations, is viewed as a long-time ally of the Mugabe regime.

But US President George Bush said the smart sanctions were there to put pressure on the ZANU PF elite, which continues with a violent campaign against opponents and has not lifted the ban on humanitarian aid.
Bush has authorised an additional US$2.5million in aid to assist refugees and asylum seekers displaced by the political violence. He said; "We will also continue our efforts to provide food and health assistance as part of our commitment to help the people of Zimbabwe in their time of greatest need." ...

full list is at link

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