Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anti American anti African racist says oh my we are all sinners

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This needs a "fisking". my words are in red.

After all, the reason this guy is still alive is because a bunch of (overpaid oversexed) Americans kept England from being part of the third reich, and kept bases there to keep them from being liberated into the glories of the Iron curtain. But let's not let reality stand in the way of class snobbery, racism, or anti american rhetoric

For however much locals might dream about liberation, the reality of having foreigners - particularly white foreigners - in charge soon proves deeply humiliating, just another case of the cure often being worse than the disease.

White foreigners? Huh? Twenty to thirty percent of US Soldiers are not white...guess he hasn't noticed. As for "humiliation", yup. Just like my husband was humiliated when our city was cleared of murderous Japanese by the yanks...

So, having turned the Middle East against the West because of Iraq, we would now have given the same kind of offence to Africa and Asia.

The Middle east has been against the west since about 700 AD. So what else is new? IT's Charles Martel's fault...

Nor can we really expect the Africans and Asians to accept our motives for wanting to intervene as purely high-minded, judging by America's present plans to leave a string of military bases behind them when they eventually leave Iraq...

Oh those terrible military bases. Like the ones that have been in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan for fifty years, allowing these countries essentially a cheap way to get out of funding their own defenses.

Now, if Europe would get off their asses and start defending themselves, maybe we can close some more of them..

as for Africa, a couple million people are dead in various countries because except for a few small French interventions, the countries that exploited their colonies now look the other way when thugs kill innocent civilians. So why worry about Zimbabwe when Uganda to Dafur to the central African wars are killing more people than Mugabe?

As for South Africa doing the liberation of Zimbabwe itself, that has always been a bad joke since once Mandela has passed away, the likelihood is there will be a South African Mugabe - particularly in regard to the wealthy white minority.

So Americans are evil and Blacks are incompetent to rule themselves. Is that what you're saying?

Africa for the Africans; Asia for the Asians and (what I would like to see) Europe for the Europeans. We Europeans should concentrate on healing our own social and political sores, before trying to put the rest of the world to rights.

Heaven knows, there are more than enough of these, starting perhaps, in England's case, with the savagery on the cricket fields.

So tearing down the houses and making 70,000 homeless, causing 3 million refugees, sending trained thugs to terrorize people to vote correctly is the same as an occassional drunken brawl at a sports match.

I see. You hate everyone except your own upper class friends.

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