Sunday, July 27, 2008

China to Mugabe: Behave!

from the UK Telegraph:

Beijing put pressure on Mr Mugabe to begin talks because of fears that the continuing crisis in Zimbabwe risked overshadowing the Olympics, according to government and diplomatic sources.

China's leaders, who have have long enjoyed a close relationship with Zimbabwe's beleagured president, feared growing protests in the run-up to the Games and so leaned on Mr Mugabe to agree to the historic talks which began on Thursday.

Their move came after Russia and China together infuriated the West by blocking a United Nations Security Council attempt to impose sanctions on members of the Zimbabwean regime....

But while Mr Mbeki basked in the glow of the diplomatic coup, winning high praise from the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy - currently in charge of the EU presidency - Zimbabwean government sources said he had little to do with it.....

"China exerted diplomatic pressure on Harare for the protection of their own interests in this country, given the threat and risks of their economic investments under a new government. This explains the sudden change of heart by Mugabe. This is all choreographed."....

there is a discussion of the issue on the NEW ZIMBABWE forum

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