Monday, March 31, 2008

Will Military prevent Tsvangirai victory?

From SWRadioAfrica:

The MDC US Representatives are reliably informed that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will, within the next 2-4 hours declare Robert Mugabe the victor of Zimbabwe's Presidential election. The military brass in Zimbabwe met earlier today and decided to instruct the ZEC to declare Mugabe the winner. This is being done despite results showing that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has won a great majority of the parliamentary seats and its Presidential candidate is ahead in the already counted votes by about 68%.

The ZEC was given 2-4 hours to allow the military to deploy in all the major urban areas to crush any potential revolt by Zimbabweans. We, the MDC representatives in the US are awaiting further developments on this issue but we call upon the State Department, National Security Council, US Senators and Congresspersons to warn Mugabe and his military against subverting the will of the voters of Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans have overwhelmingly decided to elect new leaders to rebuild their ravaged country and Mugabe seems determined to stop that. The international community must not allow this to happen. We urge you to make it plain to countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) that they must not allow Mugabe to do this to his people and country. The consequences of his actions will be felt throughout the entire region, not just in Zimbabwe. The will of Zimbabwe's voters must be respected.
We will be very happy to respond to any inquiries that you might have on this matter.

Handel Mlilo, Chief Representative Ralph Black, Deputy
Chief Representative

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