Monday, March 31, 2008

Delay in announcing official results

From SWRadioAfrica:

A delay by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in announcing official election results has triggered fears Mugabe’s government is planning to tamper with the final result.

Previous election results have been announced as they come in but for some unknown reason the ZEC claim they still need time to ‘verify and collate’ the results. Journalists on the ground say there was massive voter apathy in the rural areas and because of this there was no justification for the ZEC to claim they need more time to count.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba issued a warning to the MDC saying their unofficial announcing of results amounted to a coup d’etat.

Confusion was the order of the day as Zimbabweans grappled between emotions of happiness and anxiety. Happy that Zanu PF and Mugabe seem to have lost the election, but worried the delay in an official announcement means the regime might be trying to cook the results....

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