Monday, March 31, 2008

General overview of vote counting

From SWRadioAfrica:

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition office set up a command centre to monitor the election environment at polling stations around the country before, during and after the elections and has been passing this information on.

Thabani Moyo, spokesperson for the organisation, spoke about some incidents that had been noted by his organisation over this crucial voting period - in Bikita Maddock Chivasa from the National Constitutional Assembly and 5 of his colleagues were arrested by the police; in Chipinge ZEC officials had deleted the names of MDC polling agents; in Masvingo polling agents were forced to flee from the polling station because of police beatings; in Nkayi ZEC officials were issuing voters with the old V11 voting forms and ZANU-PF polling agents had threatened MDC polling agents in Chitungwiza. Armed police officers in Beitbridge were intimidating voters....

In Masvingo, it’s reported that voting proceeded with no major incidents marring the process. We spoke to someone who visited several polling stations in the district and reported that in one polling station he noted that Morgan Tsvangirai led the Parliamentary elections with 483 votes, and Mugabe receiving only 81 votes....

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