Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two views on Ian Smith

This writer insists things were better under Smith for the average African.

This writer
excoriates Smith, implying that if he hadn't stood in the way of democracy things would be fine in Zim today.

Actually, they are both missing the point.

Under Smith, if the PC world hadn't brought sanctions, things would have probably evolved faster into democracy...yet even with sanctions, the average Zimbabwean had little political power, but could earn a good living, and the government would have prevented him from starving.

Yet if Smith had allowed democracy, would Zim have evolved into a democracy such as Zambia or Malawi (both black run countries have had major human rights problems, dictators, and corruption)?

The key to Zim's prosperity is the same as every country: Keep the most productive people intact and happy, so they can make jobs for the poor to improve their lot.

The racism of Smith prevented this, but the last ten years prove Mugabe's solution, a Marxist purging of the productive, is worse.

And opposition leaders often disappeared into detention under Smith...now they disappear into London...

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