Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mugabe employed witchdoctor

From CNN:
-- President Robert Mugabe has said ministers at a Cabinet meeting he agreed to pay two head of cattle and three buffaloes to a woman who claimed she could produce gasoline out of rocks, the official media reported Friday.

Zimbabwe's leader Robert Mugabe, right, tours a biodiesel plant Thursday amid an acute gas shortage.

Mugabe later ordered the woman's arrest on fraud charges.

The Herald newspaper, a government mouthpiece, reported the woman claiming to be a tribal healer, known in the West as a witch doctor, also took large sums of money, a car and a piece of land from the nation's highest ranking politicians, promising in return to use spells to produce diesel fuel from rocks in the bush outside the provincial town of Chinhoyi, 70 miles northwest of Harare.

Instead of invoking spirits, the woman bought diesel and piped it into the rocks, the newspaper reported.

It said Mugabe himself ordered Rotina Mavunga's arrest. She was charged with fraud last month -- more than a year after the gas from rocks saga began.

For those who know about Africa, this was not employing a local herbal healer or someone to diagnose illness/witchcraft, but employing someone to help him get rich.
This is not good...I wonder if he is using similar ceremonies to stay in power...

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Vincent said...

This is just another ignorant propaganda rubbish.

There is no part of the article that says Mugabe personally EMPLOYED or used the services of this woman...

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