Monday, October 15, 2007

Sekai Holland explains Mugabe to New Zealand left

From SWRadioAfrica...
There are still some on the left who think that Zim's land reform was land reform...Ms. Holland tells them the truth:

Members of Parliament from the Maori party of New Zealand have withdrawn their support for Robert Mugabe’s regime, after it was explained to them that the land redistribution exercise has only benefited an elite few from Zanu-PF....

Since 1980, a government body established to settle legal claims has been engaged in compensating the Maori for land that was illegally confiscated.
This has similarities to what is happening in Zimbabwe, except that the regime in Zimbabwe has used violence to kill and subdue people it is taking land from. Kunaka said the impression the Maori people had was that Mugabe was taking land back for the people.

‘They genuinely thought the regime was empowering the indigenous blacks in Zimbabwe until Sekai Holland gave them the correct picture. They were shocked and immediately withdrew their support for Mugabe’s land redistribution exercise,’ Kunaka said.....

Holland is currently based in Australia were she’s still receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained during the 11th March beatings of the opposition.

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