Monday, October 15, 2007

Anglicans seek to oust rogue Archbishop

From All Africa..

The controversial reign of Harare Bishop Nolbert Kunonga might be coming to an end if the Anglican Church has its way in court. The Church will now seek court intervention to seize control of its assets from Kunonga. This follows his decision to withdraw the diocese from the province over a feud on homosexuality that exploded at a meeting in Malawi. In papers submitted by lawyers the church says it has a well-founded fear that the bishop, 'will fund his new ministry with the Church's resources as he has access to the Church's investments and funds.'...

The Harare bishop has for years dominated headlines with his blunt support for violent land grabs that saw him receive a farm from government as a 'thank you' gesture. He has faced allegations of using state security agents to harass, intimidate and even threaten death on those parishioners who opposed his rule. To ensure support for his reign as bishop he has planted his supporters in positions of authority in the different parishes across Harare. Those victim to his threats have meanwhile fled the country fearing for their lives. But his latest decision to withdraw the diocese from the province has backfired and offered a legal route for the church to expel him....

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Zimboy said...

This has gone on for too long - like Mugabe he should have been fired long ago - how is it that toads like this can stay in charge?

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