Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thriving black market keeps economy going.

What do you do when the currancy collapses? check link above...

Report is on the growing black market economy and use of foreign currancy making money changers rich. Barter is another way people cope, especially in rural areas.

The grey market economy and the emigration of most well bodied healthy Zimbabweans means that a revolution is less likely. I mean, it's hard to mount a revolution if you are working two jobs in South Africa and supporting your extended family. And many rural people still live like their ancestors, so losing things they buy with money is not as hard for them. My husband, who lived during the depression and Japanese occupation in the Philippines reminded me that no one is poor as long as you have rice.

So if there is no drought, farmers can eat what they grow. What they miss is of course schooling for their kids and a chance for an easier life.

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