Friday, June 01, 2007

Mugabe's role to liberate continent from self doubt

Mugabe is doing the right thing by giving back land to the owners. The argument that the people of Zimbabwe do not have the skills to run ranches and commercial farms is a non-starter.

In 20 or 30 years, Zimbabwe will have a generation of black Africans who will benefit from land ownership and will have acquired the necessary knowledge to manage the properties.

Africa needs more Mugabes so that the citizens can chart their own destiny without foreign interference. A free Zimbabwe, where the population charts its future without foreign domination, is all Mugabe wants.

He is a remnant of the struggle to emancipate the black man from self-doubt. Mugabe is a hero to all Africans who know that independence will never be complete without ownership of land.

Zimbabweans have an example to emulate — the Great Zimbabwe civilisation whose grandeur and architecture stunned Europeans. That was the work of African engineers. It is the same Zimbabwe, only that the people have lost their identity, courage and willpower to conquer socio-economic problems.

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