Monday, June 11, 2007

Power shortages cause health problems in lowveldt

For readers, I should explain most of Zim is highlands, and doesn't get hot. But the low lands (lowveldt) is tropical and hot.

Power shortages are making life miserable for residents of Zimbabwe’s lowveld area. Electric pumps that fill up tanks on hilltops, which in turn feed water to the population, are not working. Sugar is grown in the lowveld but they say life is not sweet these days.

We received reports that the whole of Chiredzi township is starting to smell because of the unflushed toilets. The sugar cane fields are beginning to show signs of stress because they are also not getting watered. And animals are going thirsty for long periods because pumps that bring water to pans in the conservancies do not work without electricity. The power shortages are creating health hazards for both people and animals.

Chiredzi farmer Gerry Whitehead said the high-density areas of Chiredzi Town where the majority of the people live are very crowded and they have no lights and no water to drink or flush toilets.

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