Friday, May 04, 2007

Zim hits back at critics on net

While more and more governments across Africa have embraced the internet for information dissemination, the Zimbabwe government has been lagging behind with only a sprinkling of departments running websites.

The government's first bold effort at fighting back at its critics has been the opening of a website for the Home Affairs department (click here ) which is responsible for the police.

A detailed 57-page document recently presented by the Zimbabwe government to Southern African Development Community (SADC) heads of state in Tanzania has been posted on the website - revealing for the first time how Mugabe framed his government's defence to accusations of police brutality.

The document, titled Opposition forces in Zimbabwe: A trail of violence, features images of violence blamed on the opposition leaders, human rights groups and students and "separately or jointly strategising for regime change in Zimbabwe".

The Zimbabwe government accused several groups of engaging in acts of violence, singling out the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the National Constitutional Assembly, the Women of Zimbabwe Arise, Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, the Christian Alliance and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

"When all these opposition forces realised that their concerted effort and agenda for regime change was not bearing desired results (and) with advice from their sponsors and supporters in the West, they came up with the Broad Alliance whose agenda is still the same -- to mobilise people for regime change in Zimbabwe.

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